Outlook Add-In

Conversation tools for easy team collaboration and increased productivity.

Internal Comments

Keep everything inside Outlook. Conversation tools make it easy to comment on customer emails without forwards, CCs, or using external chat tools. This saves time and adds efficiency to the collaboration process.

Email Delegation

Assign emails to your team at the click of a button. The clear status of each message allows everyone to see who’s responsible for next steps.

Snooze Settings

Messages can be snoozed for a selectable time period, allowing team members to gather the information needed to reply. This clears the clutter from a user’s inbox but does not stop the clock for reply time reports.

Comprehensive Audit Trail

Your team stays on the same page with an audit trail that details when messages are received, assigned, commented on, replied to, snoozed, or archived.

Availability & Admin Center Access

Toggle your availability and access the Emailgistics Admin Center to view reports and adjust custom rules from the Outlook Add-In.

New Functions Added Regularly

Watch a quick tutorial on how to use Emailgistics Outlook Add-In

Productivity & Organization

  • Round-robin distribution
  • Max messages settings
  • User availability settings
  • Sub-team assignment
  • Back-up assignees
  • 0365 integration


Customer Satisfaction

  • Automated message assignment
  • Clear message ownership
  • Conversation History
  • Assign to previous owner

Metrics & Insights

  • Customizable dashboard
  • SLA alerts
  • Business hours & scheduling
  • Mailbox and user reports

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